Are you prepared for retirement?

Your thrift savings plan may be one of your largest wealth-generating tools for retirement, yet most people rarely give it the hands-on attention it deserves.

Our team of experts studies the markets and manages the investments inside your TSP on your behalf.

Is Your TSP Invested Correctly?

Most Americans are not prepared for retirement. They simply hope the money they need will be there when they need it. Take our free, 5-question quiz to see how well you’re managing your thrift savings plan.

Secure Your Financial Future With Confidence

Expert Advice

No algorithms here! We have real advisors with decades of experience to actively manage your TSP investments.

Annual Reviews

We provide a review with one of our advisors to discuss your financial goals and align the strategy for your TSP.

Transparent Pricing

Our asset-based pricing means you only pay for the investments that we’re managing for you, and we never charge for account reviews and advice.

A Proven Process For Your TSP

Maximize your thrift savings plan’s growth potential through these 3 steps.

Set up a complimentary call with your advisor

During our no-obligation conversation, we'll ask you questions about your goals and dreams so that we can provide advice about which TSP investments you should consider.

We create your plan to achieve your goals

Once we understand your goals, we'll create a plan to help you realize them through strategic TSP investments.

We study the market & make the trades

We use our years of experience and academic research to analyze market trends and behavior to predict the best investments for your account. We also make the TSP investments on your behalf.
Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

Our True Passion

Easy401K is backed by the team at Creekmur Wealth Advisors. We’ve been helping people achieve their retirement dreams for more than 2 decades.

Now with a specific focus on helping individuals manage their self-directed brokerage accounts within their TSP, we are able to help even more people feel confident that they can retire with a lifestyle that matches their long-term goals.

Let's Get Started Working Together

Here are the steps to getting started with Easy401K:

1. Get in touch with us using this form.

2. Define your goals and dreams.

3. Build your TSP to achieve those goals and dreams with confidence.